Stage II Vapor Recovery

Stage II Vapor Recovery equipment captures gasoline vapors displaced from refueling vehicle fuel tanks and returns them to the underground storage tank (UST). Stage II Vapor Recovery Systems were required for all Motor Vehicle Fuel Dispensing Facilities (MVFDF) in Livingston, Pointe Coupée, East and West Baton Rouge, Ascension, and Iberville parishes from 1992-2022.

For more information see the Stage II Vapor Recovery History page.

Stage II Decommissioning

When did the Stage II Vapor Recovery system decommissioning regulation go into effect?

July 6, 2020 

When must gasoline dispensing facilities complete their Stage II decommissioning?

By January 6, 2022

Where can I find the Stage II vapor recovery system decommissioning regulations?

Louisiana Administrative Code Title 33, Part III, Section 2132, Subsection J

 Do I have to notify LDEQ before I decommission my facility’s Stage II vapor recovery system(s)?

Yes.  The owner/operator of a facility must submit a decommissioning notification form to LDEQ at least 30 calendar days prior to beginning any decommissioning activity.

 Can I decommission/remove the Stage II vapor recovery system(s) myself?

Only technicians who have received appropriate training, have all of the required tools, and possess the required regulatory and equipment-manufacturer certifications shall perform the Stage II decommissioning procedure.

What are the decommissioning requirements for Stage II vapor recovery systems?

  • Notify DEQ of the Intent to Decommission. This includes the date decommissioning is expected to take place. 

 Notification of Intent to Decommission Form

*According to LAC 33:III.2132, if decommissioning activities are not initiated within 180 calendar days after the date this notice is received by LDEQ, the owner/operator must refile the notice of intent to decommission.

  • Perform and complete all of the required decommissioning activities
  • Submit certification that decommissioning is complete

Notice of Decommissioning Stage II Vapor Recovery Completion

Where can I find a list of certified technicians that can decommission/remove the Stage II vapor recovery system(s)?

LDEQ’s Underground Storage Tank (UST) Division maintains a list of UST certified workers. Some of these workers may also be certified to decommission/remove Stage II vapor recovery systems. Proof of appropriate certification is the responsibility of the worker. 

Notice of the regulation change to require decommissioning of all Stage II equipment was included with the 2021 Stage II Certificates.

October 22, 2021 Notification of Decommissioning Requirements

  1. Change of Ownership
  2. Maintenance Log
  3. Testing 

Where can I find information on Stage I vapor recovery? 

Stage I vapor recovery information is provided on the Underground Storage Tank Division's gasoline stations webpage. 


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