Engineering Notifications, Stack Testing Tools and Resources

The Engineering Support Group of the Air Permits Division provides source testing guidance for the regulated facilities in Louisiana.  The following information  presents guidelines and policies of the LDEQ Emissions Testing Program.  It consists of the test procedures for industrial plants, oil and gas operations, and other related manufacturing facilities.  EPA test methods and procedures are followed by companies who conduct stack testing in Louisiana.  Stack testing companies must also be certified by the Louisiana Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (LELAP). The guidelines cover all aspects of compliance stack testing in Louisiana, including initial notification, execution of the stack test, submittal of the stack test report, and final approval by LDEQ. It also covers  responsibilities of company representatives and contractors or consultants. 

Questions related to the Louisiana Fugitive Emission Program Consolidation Guidelines should be directed to Kyle Prestenbach in the Air Permits Division. 


Stack testing can now be scheduled online!  A copy of your notification and protocol will be sent directly to the Engineering Support Group AND the appropriate regional office.  There is no need to submit notifications or protocols by mail for stack tests that are scheduled online.


Click Here to Access the Stack Test Scheduling Tool 


ENGINE/TURBINE Testing Guidance: Please note that changes have been made to the guidance.  The most recent version is available by clicking the below link.  These changes will be effective on August 17, 2010.  Please note that changes to your LELAP scope of accreditation may be required to accomodate these changes.

If you have any questions regarding Stack Test guidance, please call Vennetta Hayes (225) 219-3412