Louisiana State Implementation Plans

Under the Federal Clean Air Act (CAA), a State Implementation Plan (SIP) must be developed by each state that has areas designated nonattainment. A SIP is intended to describe how a state will attain and maintain national ambient air quality standards (NAAQS). Included in the SIP requirements are established systems to monitor, compile, and analyze data on air quality. The EPA must approve each SIP, and the public is given an opportunity to participate in the SIP review and approval process.

Plans in Development

Regional Haze SIP - addresses the combined visibility effects of various pollution sources over a wide geographic region with the goal of achieving natural visibility conditions at designated Class I areas

Final SIPs

Each state has only one SIP, SIP revisions may be required by amendments to the CAA, by EPA, or by state initiated changes. Revisions may be prepared for a specific area or for a control strategy. Louisiana SIP activities can be found in EDMS under the SIP topic file number 174156 and on the EPA Louisiana SIP history page.



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