ELP Awards Application

The ELP Ceremony for May 6th is cancelled until further notice.  ELP projects submittals are suspended until a ceremony date is selected.

Please view the ELP Awards Application Guidance document for detailed instructions.

General Organizational Information
(The AI number is the identification number assigned to every organization regulated by DEQ.)
(Please describe your organization. Descriptors may include business/industry type, number of employees, population, number of students, demographic served, service area, or mission statement.)
(If different from mailing)
Project Information
(Please select the category that best fits your project. )
(Provide a one paragraph summary of your project which includes project metrics/outcomes/successes.)
(Describe the environmental improvement and/or risk reduction resulting from the project; indicators used to measure project effectiveness; and if applicable describe changes to the EMS or creation/change/enforcement to the ordinances.)
(State your objectives, purpose and goals for your project. Describe how the project or program contributed to environmental quality improvement and exemplifies environmental leadership. )
(Describe how the results of the project contributed to exceeding established regulatory compliance requirements (if applicable). )
(Describe the innovative aspects of the project that represent a departure from “business as usual.” Describe how the activity is sustainable and what were the costs involved. )
(Explain how your success with this project or EMS improvements are transferable to other businesses/organizations. If your project activities have already been transferred, please describe how your project has been implemented elsewhere. )
(Describe how the waste management hierarchy (source reduction, recycling, and disposal) was utilized in planning and implementing the project. If this project is “end of the pipe” treatment, emphasize how the hierarchy applies.)


Provide at least two photos of your project/program/organization. This should be submitted using the attach file button below.

Support Letters

For Community Environmental Outreach projects/programs, provide support letters from at least two community individuals outside of your organization attesting to the success of the project. This should be submitted using the attach file button below.

Facility Manager’s Statement

The Environmental Management System category requires a statement signed by the senior facility manager attesting to the implementation and maintenance of a model environmental management system that complies with the requirements of the ELP. The facility manager’s assessment of the facility’s current regulatory compliance status is also required. This should be submitted using the attach file button below.