Angela Marse, Administrator

P.O. Box 4312
Baton Rouge, La. 70821-4312
Email: deqenforcement@LA.GOV
Phone: (225) 219-3931
FAX: (225) 219-3330

Enforcement Division Work Plans

Enforcement Actions

As of July 1, 2011, Enforcement  reports are being updated on a monthly basis. The reports are current up to the previous quarter due to the time lapse between generation, receipt, data entry and accuracy verification.

Settlement Agreements

Settlement Agreement Brochure

Beneficial Environmental Projects (BEP)

Expedited Penalty Program

DEQ started the XP program in March 2004 to address minor-moderate envionmental violations. Download the Expedited Penalty Brochure for information.

Air Enforcement Section  

Includes Title V Annual Compliance Certification Form and Semi-Annual Monitoring Form.

Water Enforcement Section

Includes EPA's LPDES Reporting Requirements Manual, NetDMR Information & General Instructions, Blank Non-Compliance Report Form, and Other Resources.  

Hazardous Waste, Solid Waste, UST Enforcement Section

Includes forms, certifications, reporting options and other helpful information 

Radiological Services

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  • EPA's Enforcement and Compliance History Online - ECHO - ECHO provides compliance and enforcement information for approximately 800,000 EPA-permitted facilities nationwide. ECHO includes permit, inspection, violation, enforcement action, and penalty information about facilities regulated under the Clean Air Act (CAA) Stationary Source Program, Clean Water Act (CWA) National Pollutant Elimination Discharge System (NPDES), and/or Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA).