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LDEQ's Mobile Air Monitoring Lab (MAML) Video

Check out our latest video to learn more about our Mobile Air Monitoring Lab (MAML). Our MAMLs use state-of-the-art air monitoring and analysis equipment to gather real-time air quality data.

Maintain Your Storm Drains 01/26/22
Nonpoint Source Pollution – Featuring Enviroscape 10/18/21
How Do I Recycle My Old Electronics?

Check out our latest YouTube video!

New Vision Program Video

Check out our latest video! LDEQ is collaborating with drinking water and wastewater utility managers, trade associations, local watershed protection organizations, and state and local officials to help ensure that Louisiana’s precious water infrastructure is sustainable with the implementation of programs such as the New Vision Program.

Small Business Assistance Program Video

LDEQ's Small Business Assistance Program offers environmental regulatory assistance and information to small businesses and communities throughout the state. Watch this video to learn more!

Clean Water State Revolving Loan Video

Check out our latest video!

Overview of the Waste Tire Program

Check out our latest video on the Waste Tire Program.