Fact Sheets

LDEQ encourages securing of household chemicals and items in preparation for Morganza Spillway opening 05/29/2019

The Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality encourages residents and business owners in the affected area of the Morganza Spillway to safely secure or remove household chemicals and materials in advance of the Spillway opening June 2.

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American Lung Association report shows improvement in Louisiana's air quality 04/25/2012

The American Lung Association's State of the Air report was released today and demonstrates the improvement in air quality throughout Louisiana. Several cities were listed as cleanest in the nation for particle pollution, known as PM 2.5, with Monroe-Bastrop listed as one of the top seven cleanest cities in the nation for PM 2.5 and ozone combined.

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DEQ's Water Permits Division issues pesticides pamphlet 01/24/2012

The Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality's Water Permits Division has authored a pesticides pamphlet that is currently available. The pamphlet will be distributed for the first time at the Environmental Regulatory Compliance Conference (ERCC), which will be held at the Riverfront Center in Alexandria on January 25 and 26, 2012. The pamphlet contains a brief summary of the LPDES Pesticides General Permit including frequently asked questions regarding the discharges covered by the permit.

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