ERIC Training

ERIC training opportunities are provide annually following the opening of the system for the reporting period. The training is generally provided in mid-January to early February of each year and consists of short webinars for advanced users and longer, hands-on training for beginners.


The same webinar will be offered at the two times listed below. No registration is necessary; simply join the webinar using the connection information below.

January 25, 2023
9:30-10:30AM CST
January 26, 2023
9:30-10:30AM CST


**Note that there are two time options listed.  It is not necessary to attend both sessions; the information covered will be the same in both presentations.**

Please click the link below to join the webinar with streaming audio:
Password: 387582




Due to the limited attendance at past hands-on training classes, ERIC hands-on training will be offered on an individual basis. Please click here to view available training times or email us at to schedule a time for one on one training by phone/webinar. We are also available throughout the reporting period to answer any questions, as needed.

Please refer to our most recent Hands-On Presentation for what the training covers.

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