General Contractors

Related Industries:

  • Small and Large Construction Activities, Demolition, Land Clearing

Regulation in a nutshell:

  • Air quality regulations require the control of fugitive emissions including dust  kicked up by trucks and other equipment, and from equipment such as generators or compressors.  Demolition of asbestos-containing equipment or structures must follow the asbestos regulations.  Water quality regulations require the operator to obtain a storm water permit for small and large construction activities.  Open burning of construction debris is forbidden.  Construction debris should be disposed of at an approved landfill.
    Reporting and Record Keeping:

Reporting and recordkeeping are according to whatever permits are obtained by the operator.

Housekeeping Suggestions:

  • Use water or chemicals for control of dust in the demolition of existing buildings or structures, construction operations, the grading of roads, or the clearing of land.  Apply asphalt,  water, or suitable chemicals such as dust suppressants on dirt roads, material stockpiles, and other surfaces which can give rise to airborne dust.  Install and use dust collectors to enclose and vent the handling of dusty materials.  Use adequate containment methods during sandblasting or other similar operations.
  • Open-bodied trucks transporting materials likely to give rise to airborne dust should be covered at all times when in motion.
  • Remove dirt or other material from paved streets if it has been  carried by truck or earth moving equipment or erosion by water or other means.

Pollution Prevention Suggestions:

  • Use good housekeeping practices, review work practices, think of methods to decrease waste.