Urban Nuisance Removal Programs: Demolishing Blighted Residential Buildings

Awareness Statement

The Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality (LDEQ) is addressing the uncertainty of city governments cleaning up blighted residential properties. The current asbestos regulations, found in LAC 33:III.5151.F., do not expressly exempt demolitions of blighted residential buildings conducted by municipalities as part of an urban nuisance removal program. LDEQ recognizes the need to remove blighted properties to improve communities, and that such removal or demolition may be conducted by any person, including but not limited to individuals and municipalities.  The Department anticipates publishing a Notice of Intent to amend the asbestos regulations in the April 20th Louisiana Register for public comment.  The proposed language should provide clarity for the type of buildings that may be exempt. The Department anticipates the final rule will be promulgated by July 20th of this year. Until such time that the proposed amended rule is in effect, the demolition of blighted residential buildings by any person, including but not limited to individuals and municipalities, shall be conducted in accordance with the current requirements of LAC 33:III.5151.F, as a regulated asbestos activity.  These requirements include notification, emission control, and proper transportation and disposal of regulated asbestos containing material.